How Your Mind Gets Hijacked

I know you’ve experienced this phenomena. In fact, your mind was probably hijacked this past week, or perhaps this last month.

How do you know that your mind has been hijacked?
There are several clues. First, your mind is hijacked any time you ‘blow your top’, or you ‘overreact’. Of course, most of the time, someone else will recognize the hijacking before you will. Be careful at calling someone out for having a hijacked mind if they are still in a hijacked state (unless, of course, they have had a lot of mental training – these are easier people to work with), it may only exacerbate the issue.
If you have said or done something out of anger or frustration that you regret, your mind was hijacked. A hijacked mind can do a lot of damage. Probably the most notable, is that it can ruin a relationship. If a mind is left hijacked for too long, it can be extremely destructive – even lead to self-destructive behaviors like binge drinking and even suicide.
Because a hijacked mind is in an unconscious state, it is difficult to free it up without having a context for what it means to have a hijacked mind. As a business coach, I work with my clients to build their contexts for various things to create a core understanding to how things ‘should’ work (i.e. the psychology of building relationships, the effectiveness of a good hire, or how to recognize a tainted employee, etc) so they can count on those contexts when needed. Without any proper context, the mind is left to respond to various situations by default. I also have clients build ‘constitutions’ around their businesses and their relationships so they have a context for what it takes for these things to turn out well.
Constitutions (or guidelines to a particular design) are vital to getting things back on track when they veer off the rails. Once a locomotive is off the tracks, it is much harder to get it back on.
In my latest book, The Hijacker: Overcome Self-Sabotaging Behavior, I outline one of the greatest sources to mental hijacking – your Human Operating System. Understanding what your Human Operating System is provides a context for what could cause a derailment of your various designs (relationships, business/career, physical health, etc). Without this context, your mind is extremely vulnerable to being hijacked, and as a result, the core areas of your life are open to destruction.
Once you learn where and how your mind is most apt to be hijacked, you will better prevent those hijackings. Think of how airplanes have changed since the events of 9/11. You can no longer congregate at the front of the plane, there is a special procedure for accessing the cockpit and the cockpits themselves are now locked. They learned their most vulnerable access points (context) and they have now decreased the probability of future hijackings as a result. Like my airplane analogy, there is no way to totally prevent hijackings (both the mental kind as well as the physical type), however, with the proper context, it can help you minimize and mitigate future hijackings.
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