#1 Reason Why You will Fail

The title is a little controversial, I know, but if you knew the main reason why most fail at achieving their goals, you would know what you needed to do to accomplish yours.

Think about that goal you have had on your annual list for the past three years.  Why do you think you failed to achieve it?

It is actually one of two possibilities – both of which I believe come back to the same place.  The first possible reason is that you don’t know how to achieve the goal.  The second reason is that you allow yourself to create excuses not to do what you know you need to do.  If you knew how NOT to procrastinate, you would have reached the goal by now.  None of us purposely procrastinate – we don’t even think of procrastinating.  Instead, we fool ourselves into believing that other things are more important.  We believe we don’t have enough time to do what we need to.  We don’t have the money to invest in what we should.

Here is an excuse I often hear from an advisor who knows they need coaching, but keep ‘procrastinating’.    I hear, “now is not a good time for me… I don’t have the money, I have a vacation coming up, my partner is out of the office… etc, etc, etc.”  Procrastination is a fancy word for ‘excuse making’.

I have been coaching advisors for over 17 years.  This gives me the luxury of noting patterns amongst them.  The most successful advisors are the ones that do not allow excuses to get in the way.  They allow others to hold them accountable and they recognize the need to invest in themselves to make the changes necessary at the various stages of success in the businesses.  You see, just because you reached the level you did, does not mean you know how to reach the level you stride for.

Now, you may not want someone to hold you accountable, to tell you the truth when you need to hear it or to be confronted by your own demons. But I can tell you that if you are committed to reaching your next level – the time to take action is now.  Commit or don’t commit.  Those are your only two options.

Todd made the commitment 1.5 years ago when his production was $628,000.  His goal was to do $749,000 (don’t ask me why it wasn’t $750 even)– He ended the year at over $800,000.  He acted and was willing to be held accountable.  He is not stopping there.  He is on a roll and plans to reach over a million dollars in production much sooner than he ever anticipated.

Most clients realize a minimum of a 400% return on their investment when hiring one of our coaches. 400% ROI!  Where else would you get that?!

How much have you invested back into yourself recently?  Some of our most successful advisors commit to investing 10% of their revenue to their own development.  It had a clear pay off for them.