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Coaching Process

The Getting Results coaching process

Our process is unique in that we do not use a cookie cutter approach like most training and development companies. Our process was developed and honed by a trained Psychologist and Sales Coach.  Together, we have created a program that not only has the nuts and bolts of how to get more introductions, but also looks inside the Financial Advisor to uncover the unique needs and challenges that prevents the advisor from reaching the highest levels.
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This module focuses on helping financial advisors overcome the personal and psychological challenges that are often their greatest obstacle to success. We also focus on getting clear on how their business needs to be designed to support the lifestyle they wish to live. It is a mistake to try and emulate another producer’s business as their structure may not suit your personal life priorities.

When I ask the question, ‘what is the biggest obstacle you face in business’, the number one answer I get is a resounding “ME”.  So, what exactly does this mean?
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Efficiency, as with golf, is a game that is continually improved on.

In the business of financial services (and other relationship-based sales professions), there are five different levels you can achieve. Each stage presents its own challenges and new levels of efficiency must be achieved in order to move to the next level. The following is an outline of each stage:

Stage 1:  White Belt – Rookie

At this stage, you are just starting out in the business.  You have all the time in the world, but spend a lot of it pretending to be busy as a way to avoid doing the activities that will make you money.  You do everything at this stage because you don’t qualify for an assistant yet.  80% of your time should be spent prospecting and 20% on administrative tasks.
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Business Growth

This is probably what you came to our site for. The Getting Results coaching process is known not just it’s name, but the actual results we deliver. Despite only having month-to-month contracts with our clients, our retention rate of our clients surpasses anyone in the industry. The only way you can retain clients, is to continuously provide more value. Many of our clients have been with us for five or more years, some have been with us since we started the company.

Why is this?

We have a proprietary program that grows our clients’ businesses significantly, often times, doubling and tripling them, in a very short amount of time. The secret in how we due this is found in our proprietary program: The CHAMPION Path. We use basic social principles to grow your business in a way that is fun and unobtrusive.
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For a business to survive and thrive, 100 percent of all systems must be functioning and accountable.  For example: an airplane is a system of systems. If an airplane takes off and the fuel system fails, there often is a crash.  The same things happen in business. It’s not the systems that you know about that are the problem – it’s the systems you are not aware of that cause you to crash”  Robert Kiyosaki

Two common frustrations that arise in business:

  1. I’m not sure where my next client is coming from
  2. I can’t get my assistant to do what I want
    1. A subset of this – I have to keep retraining new assistants because they never seem to get the job or do the things I need them to do.

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As a financial advisor, you are generally not trained how to lead your staff effectively. Leadership in itself is a lifetime study – but who do you have as your guide?

The most powerful and effective leaders have mastered the art of enrollment.  For most of us though, this skill does not come naturally.  In a world where we have been conditioned to think about ‘what’s in it for me’, we often lose sight of ‘what’s in it for them’.  This is one of the keys to enrollment.

Enrollment is critical to growing your business by enrolling prospects to do business with you or clients to follow your investment advice.

Enrollment is important to leading your staff by enrolling them in the vision you have for the business and to get them to buy into doing the tasks that are required in realizing that vision
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About Us

Founded in 2002, Getting Results has helped turn hundreds of average advisors into Million Dollar Producers. Our psychologist on staff has studied the minds and businesses of Million Dollar Producers

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