This is probably what you came to our site for. The Getting Results coaching process is known not just it’s name, but the actual results we deliver. Despite only having month-to-month contracts with our clients, our retention rate of our clients surpasses anyone in the industry. The only way you can retain clients, is to continuously provide more value. Many of our clients have been with us for five or more years, some have been with us since we started the company.

Why is this?

We have a proprietary program that grows our clients’ businesses significantly, often times, doubling and tripling them, in a very short amount of time. The secret in how we due this is found in our proprietary program: The CHAMPION Path. We use basic social principles to grow your business in a way that is fun and unobtrusive.

How do you do this?

Most programs out there, force you into a mold without considering your unique qualities, interests and skill-sets. The CHAMPION Path takes all of these into account. We leverage your best relationships to create more relationships just like them. Fish where the fish are…

We don’t have you awkwardly ask for referrals, instead, we walk you through how to get INTRODUCTIONS.


As a Financial Advisor, you probably already know that introductions are 10 times more effective then referrals and a lot more fun to get. But are you clear on how to get those valuable introductions? You see, in any relationship it takes time for trust to be built. We all know that the more trust in a relationship, the easier it is to do business. The beauty of introductions is that the baton of trust is handed from your Champion to the prospect that they are introducing you to. This makes doing business much easier!

Additionally, introductions are more fun because you do it outside the confines of the four walls of your office. When someone walks into your office, their guard is up because they know they have just entered ‘the selling zone’. They are afraid that you are going to be like all of the other financial advisors they have encountered. Some advisors’ clients have even indicated that it feels a little like stepping out of their car on the the parking lot of a used car dealership due to the pressure they feel to be sold on something, so their defenses go up. This makes doing business especially hard. Before they can ever ‘hear’ you, it is your job to break down the defenses. This is tedious and not enjoyable.

Introductions, however, happen on a golf course, in a private club, on a boat or over a cocktail – much more fun!

Sometimes introductions happen by accident, but we will show you how to create them.

This is a Documented Process…

One major frustration that financial advisors and other sales professionals experience is the lack of awareness of what they are doing right, what they should keep doing and what is ineffective. This happens as a result of not using an actual system. The CHAMPION Path is a step by step process with scripts, measuring tools and worksheets to guide you through the process and document the results.

Added Benefit:

Not only do our advisors’ production levels go up significantly, but they find themselves enjoying their businesses so much more as a result of the design they create. We all know that the more we enjoy our business, the easier it is to do business. The easier it is to do business, the more business we write.

If you are ready to take on a Getting Results Coach, complete the Personal Assessment and one of our coaches will contact you to schedule a call to qualify you.