The Getting Results coaching process

Our process is unique in that we do not use a cookie cutter approach like most training and development companies. Our process was developed and honed by a trained Psychologist and Sales Coach.  Together, we have created a program that not only has the nuts and bolts of how to get more introductions, but also looks inside the Financial Advisor to uncover the unique needs and challenges that prevents the advisor from reaching the highest levels.


Because our process is that unique from individual to individual.  Most training programs provide a specific script for the their coaches to follow.  We know and understand that you are not like every other financial advisor.  You have your own personality, your own interests, strengths and needs.  As a result, your business needs to uniquely reflect those, not the other guys’. Our coaches are trained at the highest level and are required to actually use the process themselves so they have an intimate understanding of how it works.
The Process Starts Here


Step 1: Complete a Personal Assessment
You will speak one on one with a coach who specializes in working with financial advisors so they can assess your needs and suggest a possible solution. Not every advisor will qualify for the program, only those advisors who we feel will get the best results.

Step 2: Make the Commitment
Coaching requires commitment. Without your commitment, a coach is rendered helpless. If you are not committed to your outcome, you will not follow through on the tasks your coach will assign you. As humans, we resist change and will find whatever excuses we can to avoid it. However, if you make the commitment I can tell you that YOU WILL Get Results!

Step 3: Determine your Objectives
Once you have decided that a coach can help you reach the next level, the next step is to write down the Objectives you would like to achieve by working with your coach.  It is your coach’s sole purpose to help you achieve what you put down on your Objectives sheet.

This is how we differ from the ‘others’.  We don’t determine what your goals should be, therefore, we don’t run you through the same process that all of our other clients go through.  Your coaching experience will be unique and determined primarily on the Objectives YOU write down.

While you might resemble the many financial advisors out there, it is not in your best interest to make your financial practice look like all the rest.  As a financial advisor, your business should reflect your unique traits and interests.  This is how we get you to enjoy your business again while growing to whatever level you choose.