This module focuses on helping financial advisors overcome the personal and psychological challenges that are often their greatest obstacle to success. We also focus on getting clear on how their business needs to be designed to support the lifestyle they wish to live. It is a mistake to try and emulate another producer’s business as their structure may not suit your personal life priorities.

When I ask the question, ‘what is the biggest obstacle you face in business’, the number one answer I get is a resounding “ME”.  So, what exactly does this mean?

To dive in further, I ask:  ‘What is it about you that gets in the way?’

This is where the answers vary:

‘I avoid doing the activities I know I should be doing.’
‘I am not disciplined’
‘I don’t have a business plan’
‘I doubt my ability to provide the right answers’
‘In the back of my mind, I’m afraid they are going to find out that I _________________ (am a fraud,  a shmuck, have a hidden agenda, am greedy, don’t know what I’m doing, they won’t like me, etc).’

The list goes on…

The good news is that when your business is doing well, it’s your fault.  The bad news is, when your business is not where you want it to be, it’s your fault.  Or perhaps that is good new as well because if your business result is always your fault, YOU have the power to change it.

Our Foundation module gets people out of their own way.  It also provides a set of tools to become acutely aware of the instant you begin to create obstacles for yourself.

In this module, you will also do strategic planning for your business.  You will be clear on the vision of the business, what the structure of the business should look like and have direction for achieving it.

This is about designing a business that you dream of.