As a financial advisor, you are generally not trained how to lead your staff effectively. Leadership in itself is a lifetime study – but who do you have as your guide?

The most powerful and effective leaders have mastered the art of enrollment.  For most of us though, this skill does not come naturally.  In a world where we have been conditioned to think about ‘what’s in it for me’, we often lose sight of ‘what’s in it for them’.  This is one of the keys to enrollment.

Enrollment is critical to growing your business by enrolling prospects to do business with you or clients to follow your investment advice.

Enrollment is important to leading your staff by enrolling them in the vision you have for the business and to get them to buy into doing the tasks that are required in realizing that vision

Enrollment is also useful in getting your firm or company heads to support you in certain requests.

Ultimately, enrollment forces you to become clear as to what is important, who do you need on board and why it is in their best interest to be enrolled.

Things get done with the power of enrollment.  Elections are won, companies get funded and business grows.  The fun thing about enrollment is that it is a skill you can use outside of business as well.  You can use it with your spouse, your kids and even with the frustrating client service people for your cable provider.

Stop the cycle of frustration – not getting what you want from your team/assistant – either you or they get frustrated and leave – resulting in you having to spend the time searching, hiring and retraining a new assistant.