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Anvil Project

The Deadly Habits of Financial Advisors

Key to a Thriving Business

The key to a thriving business you love, versus a stagnant business you loathe. Is your business EXACTLY how you want it? How much time do you spend strategically designing and building out the design on a daily or weekly basis?

Secret to Optimal Performance

Ken Doyle discusses how important it is to set yourself up to play at optimal performance.

Getting Your Value

If you want to make more money – you have to understand the value you provide!

Survival or Thrival

A brief introduction to The Champion Path

Investing your Time

You time is a major asset that needs to be invested properly…

Getting What you Want

3 of 9 keys to getting whatever you want in life!

Leader’s Code of Honor

Are you an effective leader?

Surgeon of Words

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Founded in 2002, Getting Results has helped turn hundreds of average advisors into Million Dollar Producers. Our psychologist on staff has studied the minds and businesses of Million Dollar Producers

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