Code of Honor

What does your company stand for?  What defines your team?

Let me ask a different question, what do the United States Marine Corps stand for?  How about Walmart?  The truth is that these organizations have a clearly defined Code of Honor; a code that defines who they are and what they are about.  Every Marine knows what they stand for.  The general public knows what Walmart stands for.  Does your team or employees know what your company/Group stands for? What it means to be a member of the team?

Ask any successful CEO what their primary job is and they will likely tell you that it is to uphold the ‘culture’ of their company.  A Code of Honor helps create the intended culture so one is not created inadvertently by its members.

This is a powerful concept that defines your business.  So many of the Financial Advisors I talk to can’t articulate what their business stands for. This is dangerous, because in the absence of rules, rules will be created and they are not likely to be created by you.

The Code of Honor is a set of guidelines that define what your business or team values, stands for and believes in.  Examples of Code of Honor principles are:

Committed to continual development.

No man is left behind.

Everyone is responsible for sales.

We keep our commitments.

Be responsible for your outcomes.

A Code of Honor is not typically something you would find in a text book, but is a critical aspect of a business entity. The most powerful way to create a code is to collaborate with your executive team and people.  It should be part of the training and indoctrination of all new employees.

Your business will have a personality and a culture and that will either unfold by default or design you must decide which way is in alignment with your goals and objectives. A code of honor is a huge step to having a business by design.

Presentation Length:  45 Minutes – 1.5 Hours
Workshop Length:      3 Hours



Closing the Success Gap: a Presentation for Professional Women

The Value Opportunity: If it is not competence, then what is it?

  • Understand how Women and Men approach business differently
  • Learn how to recognize your value and leverage it appropriately
  • Understand what makes you an extremely desired asset
  • Learn to ‘sell’ yourself more effectively – to managers, clients and others

Women are climbing the ranks in business quickly, but not as fast as they could. The number one reason is Value Confidence. Confidence is a better predictor of success than competence. Increasing confidence is the quickest way to greater success.

Presentation Length:  45 Minutes – 1 Hour



Shocking Your Business Back to Life

Stuck in a plateau and not sure how to get out.
Bored by business – everyday looks the same.

These are common frustrations often heard from seasoned financial professionals.  At some point in a Financial Advisor’s career, their production flat lines. They get stuck, leaving them frustrated sapped of the energy they once had for their business.

In this presentation producers learn how to shock their business to the next level without pain.  They will receive a system to replicate the business relationships that make them the most amount of money AND whom they enjoy the most! Many seasoned producers eventually experience ‘the curse of success’. They are afraid to change anything for fear that they will mess up a good thing.  This presentation will give them the confidence they need to shift gears to the next level.

Keys to this Presentation:

  • Recognize what leads to the typical business plateau.
  • Learn three solutions to overcoming the plateau.
  • Introduction to The CHAMPION Path

Presentation Length:  45 Minutes – 1.5 Hours



The CHAMPION Path:  What to Do With the 80/20 Rule
Double Your Production in Half the Time

In this presentation, participants will learn the inefficiency of trying to grow their businesses with the same sales activities they did in the past, cold-calling, mass-marketing, target-marketing and so on.  The reason these ‘old’ methods are inefficient is that they no longer have the same amount of ‘selling time’ they once had. This lack of extra selling time perpetuates a frustration that keeps them in their plateau.

It is time to do something different, however most professionals are not sure what to do next as their training rarely goes this far.  This leaves them playing the guessing game and wasting a tremendous amount of time (their most valuable asset) using the ‘trial & error’ technique.  This program will give participants access to a concrete process laid out for them that takes out the guess work.

Presentation Length:  1 Hour – 3 Hours
Workshop Length:      3 hours – 6 Hours



Efficiency vs Effectiveness – What’s the Difference?

Ken Doyle will get the producers who attend this presentation clear on what works to grow their business and what leaves them distracted. His tough, honest approach encourages producers to take a hard look at the fact that most of what they do in a day is a waste of time and renders them feeling guilty at the end of each day. They will learn how the mind tricks them into believing they are being productive, when in reality, they are just completing tasks to make them feel busy.

Producers agree that growing a financial services practice is based on seeing people and speaking to them on the phone.  Ken takes a deeper cut:  it is about seeing and speaking the right kind of people.  He will help participants learn the art of discernment.  They will discern what activities are most important in their day and not waste time on avoidance activities.  They will discern who the best people are for them to be speaking to.  Ken is a master of making people think differently and choose consciously what is most important for them to grow their businesses. In this presentation, participants will discover what keeps them from achieving their production goals and will learn a proven system to be tremendously more effective.

Key Points:

  • Getting Real with how the mind will trick us into believing we are productive, when we are really just being busy.
  • Learn how to quickly prioritize your day.
  • How to recognize ‘low-level activities’ and what to replace them with.
  • The 3 secrets to increased productivity:  The 2- 2- 2 solution.

Presentation Length:  45 Minutes – 1 Hour



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