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Jeremy Paul

Getting Results Coaching has forever impacted my life and business.  It has created tremendously more enjoyment and considerably less stress in the management of my business and life.  I now have a business that is structured around my life priorities as opposed to a life structured around my business.

Tim Lever

Getting Results Coaching is like a proper road map.  You explain where you want to go, and they go to their file cabinet other wise known as “knowledge” and get the right map for you.

J. Jahnsen, J.B. Hanauer

It’s funny, you say that you help people make more money AND have more fun… and its true!  Thank you for living up to your name.


Eric Siber, Complex Manager, RBC

I don’t know exactly what these guys (Getting Results) do, all I know is that each financial advisor they work with has a different business model, yet they all are having their best year ever

Eduardo, Company name requested to be withheld

In the 5 years I worked with Getting Results, my production went from $350,000 to $1 Million.  I literally tripled my income!

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Founded in 2002, Getting Results has helped turn hundreds of average advisors into Million Dollar Producers. Our psychologist on staff has studied the minds and businesses of Million Dollar Producers

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